How to change the logo of Login in WordPress

To change the logo of the screen of home of session in WordPress is really simple, and you can manage it with unlimited hosting easy and without learning any programing etc. In this article I tell how to secure it with some very simple lines of code you.

As in other entrances, and not to lose custom, you will have to publish your file functions.php that you will find in the folder of your active subject (better if it is a subject son). If still very you are not put in the subject is possible that you do not meet any publisher, so I recommend you that you throw a look to some TextMate type, Brackets, etc. S.A. principle costs a little you do not worry to you, with time you will know to remove started off to them.

Once you have it open we are going to stick these lines of code that will cause that your logo appears in the screen of home of session and replaces which comes by defect in WordPress.

Using get_stylesheet_directory_uri () we will make sure to find the route of the image, that is within our active subject.

If you throw a look to codex you will see that the measurement recommended for the logo is of 80x80px. It means this that cannot be greater? And if our logo is wider? You do not worry, you will be able to fix it with a little CSS. After all he is what you are doing adding these lines, modifying the class that contains the logo.

For example you will be able to eliminate padding-bottom to him, to make the widest container¦ etc. In my case I will make a series of modifications so that one does not see so tiny, since the logo that I use is very wide. This it is the code that I have used to leave it as it wanted:

I have only had to increase the width to him to the container and to ask to him to background that one adapts to the maximum of its size. Already you have your logo! But still there are more things than we can do.

How to change the connection of the logo of WordPress in the Login

If we want to leave it all nickel plate we will have to change the connection to him so that it directs to us at the home of our page and not to Again in ours functions.php we will have to add a pair of very simple lines. Taking notices.

In addition, to finish, we are going to change the title that superficially appears when happening the cursor. Copy, sticks and modifies these lines to your pleasure:

These filters will help us to modify it without the necessity to use plugins. You already know, whatever less plugins you use better.

If it has not been to you clear absolutely or you want to contribute some detail you can pass you through the commentaries. If you want to find more official information you will be able to find it in codex, a tool that always you must have by hand, and you need to think about vps web hosting for better perfomance for your site.

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