The 7 steps to create content without knowing how envelope what to write

To create content in a blog can become complicated, mainly when you are home and you do not have the sufficient practice. Although it is certain that there is people with more facility at the time of expressing themselves and writing up, also a technique is necessary that helps you to be efficient! I want to share with you how I do it, a series of you rule that itself and that I help me œnot to have left hung while I write.

Of a slight idea to a concrete subject

This technique looks for to optimize the time that we invested in only writing up an entrance in our blog starting off of a very basic idea exceeds what to write. Although they are a series of steps that seem evident, not always we fulfilled them or we do it correctly, so he is not bad to give a review them. In addition, I am certainly writing it will happen new things to me or you will be able to make use to me to improve some points 😉 Comencemos!

1. It looks for the perfect moment to put you to it

All we have a little while in the day in which we are more productive, we felt with more force and, mainly, less distractions surround to us. They do not have why to agree, so the best thing will be to try in what moment we were more comfortable.

In my case (and in the one of many¦) working from house always I have been more productive by the nights, totally free of distractions! I have had the luck to be able to organize I myself to me the work and to have a flexible schedule, which allowed me to feel frees and to be able to find those moments to me totally.

2. A little brainstorming never comes bad

No, to write it is not necessary to know how envelope what to do it, b³rrate that of the mind. It can serve you as it excuses for procrastinar but only it takes you to the failure.

At the outset it can be more difficult, until you have custom and the ideas come at the top single, but this arrives with time! It takes a paper, ball-point pen and ponte to think about several subjects on which you try in your blog. It writes down in the paper everything what you pass by the head, although you believe that is absurd and it does not have relation and so finally you write.

Thus you will remove a pair from ideas that can be to you useful. Once you have a more or less decent listing, it tries search relation among them, includes them in subjects and subtopics, certainly you find some that gives the definitive idea you. Although you believe that he is something that will not give you to write more than 200 words you do not worry, in the following points you will see that he is simple to extend it.


3. It looks for information exceeds what you think to write

You already have the chosen subject, you have a slight idea how to focus it but you need more information. It dates a stroll by Google and you do a few searches, it selects articles that seem to you interesting and throws a fast look to them.

When I say fast I talk about to fast, you do not lose more of a minute in each. You must spend your time writing, reason why it is necessary that you know to discriminate the readings that really are going to contribute value to you of which no. With a fast review to the holders or headlines it will be sufficient to you to know if the content has relation and so you think to try.

Now it picks up the most important ideas that you find and writes down them in paper or a document of text. If it is necessary copy whole paragraphs but you do not waste too much time, it only must help you to put order to your idea, not to construct it, that you will have to do it 😉 more ahead

To Google it enchants to him that you write on present subjects, you already know, on œwhich is happening œ. Perhaps in days as today (and if the thematic one accompanies) we could speak on the famous golden and white dress.

4. The good thing begins¦ to write!

You already know envelope what to write, you have information very well to do it. Now, more than to need you something exceed to you things. It eliminates any distraction that you can have, give the return to the mobile, extinguish it, you close all the toxic Webs that catch your attention! This is something between you and your text editor.

If he helps you you can put sound track to him at the moment, I usually do a trio to me with Spotify and the text editor putting to me music that helps me to concentrate to me, generally of piano.

5. What you must do while you write

At the time of writing there is nothing no worse than to obfuscate itself, he tries to avoid it as he is. If you think that it is not the moment leaves it, if you have other things in the head nor try it. If on the contrary you are comfortable and the words flow follows these advice:

  • Even not to think to you about holders, already you will have time
  • You do not look for the definitive words, this you will solve it later
  • If you stop at some time, you load your creativity to you, you do not do it
  • If it is necessary uses some technique not to saturate to you

To write, to write and to give vent your creativity are most important. You have a script in which to support to you that it will help you not to stop and to be able to continue until the end, so you do not have excuse. It extends the content of your scheme with your own words, is something that all we know to do and that it would not have to give problems you!

With respect to point four, for a long time I have been using the Pomodoro Technique, consists of doing a small rest every 25 minutes. If you do not know it throws a look to him because it can be to you of utility for other works! I use it for more technical things, but never she is of having presents it more.

6. Give something of color to your article

You already have written the entrance, is hour to give color to your rough draft! Visual content chooses that contributes value to the article, is not necessary but it will help to take the easiest reading to him to your users; to most sluggish it will even make them think that the extension is shorter and they will cheer up to read. If it is possible tries that the images can be interesting, will help to catch the attention and interest of the reader.

Before this point there are cases of all type, I know bloggers that exclusively occur a margin of 24 hours for this! They look for an own image, to catch moments in real life related to the thematic one or simply to find the perfect photography without having to spend 5 minutes to him. it seems to me a madness, although also it depends on the thematic one of the Web.

7. It is hour to put the final bow to him

This last part will need its time, but everything has gone well will not have to suppose too much. It is the moment for finding errors in our writing, to rearrange what we have written until has a logical structure. It adds the content that you have selected in the previous point, it reviews paragraphs, it emphasizes texts, it creates the necessary connections (as much I commit as external).

It creates your own style and it always uses one similar. Some prefer to align the images to the sides of the text, others prefer to use them to separating way. I am more of the second because it is an oxygen source for the reader. And thus yet!

Finally, if you think that your grammar is not all the good one that it could be uses a corrector. To have some misspelling can happen to him to anyone, make phrases that do not have any sense is avoidable 😉 Add a title to him with hook (on this I will write soon), stuffed the options of your plugin of favorite SEO and publishes it!


With these steps we will be able to elaborate content starting off of a very basic idea that it will help us to deepen in a concrete subject. The important thing is that you write, that you feel comfortable making it and hope that it is to him of utility to that is behind the screen. Either you know, you do not waste time in small details, lets to your imagination work and or you will have time to give color in the end him.

The sensation that remains you when finishing an article is brilliant, or to only it happens me, that always I have enjoyed writing?

I believe that of here it is going to be born a series from entrances to 5W (or 6), so if you do not want to lose you the rest happens to you this way and subscribes you to the blogWhat seems to you the technique that itself? If you especially use some or you want to share your tricks with the rest of readers would be brilliant who you commented them!

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