28 essential adjustments after installing WordPress (eBook free)

After to have installed WordPress and other CMS a number of times that nor I dare to think, I have been creating one to me checklist of things that I do not want to forget to leave to the installation pleasure.

They say that each maestrillo has its booklet and, of almost literal form, fodder to share mine with you so that you also have it.

In this article reservation three types of adjustments according to I consider that it is its simplicity: basic, advanced and Core. I imagine that you will be able to do an idea to you of by where the shots go.

Perhaps if you already have certain experience in WordPress is boring the principle to you, in that case I only can say you that you understand that the first points are oriented to newest.

Shelp this, I accompany point to you by point detailing to you of what each consists and its importance.

Basic adjustments: the home

1. To change title, description and hour zone

First that we will do once installed our WordPress will be to confirm that the description as much as the title of our webpage or blog is correct agreed to which we want. For it we verified it in Adjustments - > General.

Once here, we fit to the hour zone and other details that will affect to our blog. It does not have much mystery, but it is necessary.

2. To establish main domain

Still in œgeneral adjustments we will establish our main domain. Here we will have not only to indicate to him who is our domain but to make the decision from if we want to use the œwww or not to do it.

Yes, this is important, and a decision that will have to correspond in the future and so him information to Google by means of Webmaster Tools. Which is the right decision? That will depend on you, the yield will be the same you take the option that you take.

3. To change structure of permanent connections

Permalinks is friendly connections that help to include in question the page that we are going to visit, in addition to contributing to usability and an improvement of aesthetic.

It is fundamental and my recommendation, as the one of the majority, is to use connections of the type œname of entrance (ex. https://www.wewokc.net/como-crear-contenido).

4. To personalize adjustments of commentaries

In the section of œadjustments of commentaries you will find references to pingbacks and trackbacks. My advice is that you allow them but only you approve those that are really important and ignore the rest. With this I talk about to that they come from pages with authority.

As far as the commentaries, rarely you will want to have them deshabilitados since they will contribute value to your content, nevertheless is advisable several points:

  • It requires the name and e-mail of the user
  • You do not require user registry, is a barrier that will make you lose commentaries
  • It approves the commentaries manually. Unless you have a considerable volume will not take too much time to you and you will have a control than it is published

5. To use Gravatar

Gravatar is a service that is used for a long time and that allows by means of the email to associate a transformation to the user. You can find more information in his webpage.

Only worry to you to have activated it.

6. It creates a profile with information at the end of each entrance

If you wish it, you can count to other who you are and why you write. Do modifying it the profile of your user, where also you will be able to personalize all the information related to your account.

Everybody does not choose to do it, although if you want that they know a little more you this one is an option to consider.

7. To select theme or soles

Once you have determined the basic adjustments of your webpage it is hour to select a group or warms up to you. It tries not to give more importance him of the one than it has, with time and if your blog probably evolves you end up changing it.

It finds one that adapts to your necessity. There are them of all types, of payment, gratuitous¦ Within those of payment also you will see some more complexes than others, this will affect to the yield of your page, reason why it tries that it is lightest possible.

If you want to enjoy a blog or perfectly optimized page and with an incredible answer reads my article on Genesis Framework, I count you how I have reduced to a 50% the time of load of my blog. I can help you to have one of the blogs faster than you will find 🙂

I repeat, not him DES more importance of the one than it deserves. Center you in the operation of the blog and to introduce content and already you will have time to polish the visual details little by little.

8. To eliminate the groups that you do not use

If you have already selected tempers you to your taste eliminates the rest that you do not use - and with this I also talk about to that they come by defect. All element within WordPress is potentially vulnerable, reason why if you do not use something eliminates it without fear.

Constantly the groups are updated, in some cases by vulnerabilities. What sense must maintain in our servant something that we are not using?

9. It creates a representative icon: favicon

It is hour to begin to give image to the page, your image. In addition to inserting your logo and other corporative elements, you do not forget to add favicon to him that it helps to recognize your page.

Once created many ways exist to include it. Some templates count on the option to modify it from the administration panel, if accounts with which it allows it simply do not add to the image to the root directory of your website. Other ways through filters or plugins exist but it will be enough with the previous thing.

Hundreds of Webs exist to generate favicons but you can perfectly make it with PhotoShop or any other program of design.

NOTE: *.ico is not necessary to use format, it wakes up!

10. Beam that your page of contact is visible

Finally and before happening to the most advanced adjustments, it dates time to create the most basic pages and than Google as much it wants: mainly the contact page.

Nonsubjects to show to you publicly, it adds real data of contact! To your users they will like to know you, to know who you are and to whom they are reading.

In addition, when showing to you without modesty some will generate confidence, at least more than the one than can generate somebody anonymous one, you don't create?

Advanced adjustments: entering matter

Yes, up to here everything has been very basic, but it did not want to leave of side the people who never have installed WordPress. This you will like more, although the best thing and what I like more still is about to arrive.

11. Admin eliminates the user that comes by defect

The first error and more basic than is committed when installing WordPress is to use the name by defect for the administrator. Yes, admin, that are!

How many blogs I will have seen that they use to this user for everything? No, you do not allow it. I am going to give two options to you equal of valid:

  • Give him to permissions of subscriber to the account admin
  • Admin eliminates the user and creates one different one that he is the administrator

The reason is very evident. Starting off of which the system of login of WordPress slacks off in security subjects - and this we will resolve it more ahead, if you use as administrator a user that by defect any person knows, with brute force can accede to your panel of administration.

Assure you to use an alias different from the name that samples publicly also. All this you will be able to fix it from the user profile.

12. To erase plugins useless: Hello, œHello Dolly!

How many plugins useless we have in our Blog¦ Few that are necessary, essential really exist, soon we will see a few. The rest in the majority of cases is dispensable.

Plugin eliminates everything that you do not use or that does not contribute something to you that really facilitates a task to you. It begins erasing œHello Dolly, certainly still you have it because it gives pain you!

I am in favor to only use the essentials, for that reason in many occasions I prefer to program the mine own ones to install of third parties, more basic but much more light 😉

You have erased œHello Dolly already? Do it!

13. The new Law of Cookies

A time ago we had ourselves to adapt to another one of those debatable laws. It is as it is your Web, is recommendable to install a warning of use of cookies with the purpose of to avoid problems.

Although it is certain that the majority of plugins does not fulfill the norm to the one hundred percent, certainly you find some that does it. I, at the moment, have not given too much importance him and use one that I modified until the thing is put tense.

Probably in the future in the short term he does plugin own and he shares it.

He remains kind!

14. Plugins essential: three of them

Well! Plugins essential, these are only that you need yes or yes, those that will do everything to you easier and better. to seem - although equal I leave some in the inkpot, are three: Total W3 Breaks, Contact Form 7 and one of both classic of SEO to your election.

If you want to read my recommendation, I published an article comparing All in One SEO Pack versus WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Why these three?
Good, as far as the forms of contact it is used and under my simplest and extended point of view. It is, without a doubt, the best option.

Total W3 Breaks will optimize the load of your very many page, you will notice the change at the moment that you have it formed correctly. I have slope to pass to the blog a guide of optimal configuration, although still it is not in my publication calendar.

With respect to plugin of SEO I advise to you that you try both and you remain with which you more like. It will facilitate the optimization to you in the web search engines and you will thank for it. Either that you choose will be a right decision, that yes, uses them correctly!

15. Social Sharer: beam that to share content is easy

Although there am no it including in the point of plugins essential yes I believe that it is important to have a good system so that the user shares your contents.

Nowadays a pile exists and you will be able to choose between very many variety. Personally I like at least intrusive better, for that reason I maintain the one of the lateral bar and not even I have one at the end of each entrance - although I do not discard to put it in a future.

Here I leave a few you:

16. To form system of Backups

Once you have all the blog as you want, what would seem to you to lose it and to return to begin of zero? Then apply and you obtain plugin to you of backups.

Some groups exist that include a backup copy system, if it is not your case I leave some suggestions you:

As recommendation, a look throws to him to the Services of Amazon S3 if you want to forget to you problems of space in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

In my case you can imagine how I do it. I like backup copies manuals without using plugins 😉

17. It adds Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

The latest that I recommend you in this section is perhaps most important if you want to see results in your blog.

It adds the sooner your page to Webmaster Tools, is a series of tools that totally puts Google to your disposition free and that will help to understand you how your site evolves. If you do not know its operation I recommend to you that you are soaked of information in its webpage.

It begins to verify your page and to determine your favorite domain - or you know, with www or no. It sends sitemap that you have created with the help of plugin SEO or using plugin Google XML Sitemaps and of the best rest than you investigate!

In addition to Webmaster Tools, I am sure that you know Google Analytics, vital to measure the yield that is having your site as far as traffic. Tie it with Webmaster Tools and give a time him to begin to see the evolution of your traffic Web.

You will have to add it to all the pages of your blog, for it you can use some of plugins existing or publish the file header.php, for example, and include the pursuit code.

If it interests this point to you, subscribe blog to you and you will be able to read articles of analytical Web soon. You will learn to create information, filters, objectives and mainly how to analyze them to take the opportune measures.

Core: we put with the code

We enter the most technical part and the one more than I like. If you have experience in WordPress I am certainly all the previous one has been you boring, but that is signal that already you have dedicated something to him of time to the subject.

From we are going here to touch to parts of ours wp-config.php and functions.php, two of the most famous archives of our CMS. When is to modify the file functions.php tries to always make it from a subject son, as I explained in the article Which you need to know on the Child Theme for WordPress.

Clarified this, we go to it!

18. To generate authentication keys

WordPress uses a series of keys to protect all the information of identification that stores in the form of cookies. This encriptada information is difficult to obtain given the complexity of these keys, that are in the file wp-config.php.

When we installed WordPress we will see in the file something thus:

it defines (˜AUTH_KEY™, ˜pon here your random phrase™); //Changes this by your random phrase. 
it defines (˜SECURE_AUTH_KEY™, ˜pon here your random phrase™); //Changes this by your random phrase. 
it defines (˜LOGGED_IN_KEY™, ˜pon here your random phrase™); //Changes this by your random phrase. 
it defines (˜NONCE_KEY™, ˜pon here your random phrase™); //Changes this by your random phrase. 
it defines (˜AUTH_SALT™, ˜pon here your random phrase™); //Changes this by your random phrase. 
it defines (˜SECURE_AUTH_SALT™, ˜pon here your random phrase™); //Changes this by your random phrase. 
it defines (˜LOGGED_IN_SALT™, ˜pon here your random phrase™); //Changes this by your random phrase. 
it defines (˜NONCE_SALT™, ˜pon here your random phrase™); //Changes this by your random phrase.

In order to add keys and salts new we will only have to enter the connection that I leave next and to generate some new. Copy and sticks some new. Ten in account that whenever you do this all the existing sessions in the page will be eliminated. We go, that you will force to again do login to all registered user!

19. Deshabilitar HTML in commentaries

Some groups allow the use of certain labels HTML in the commentaries: <em>, <strong>, <a>, etc. Although would not have to suppose a problem if correctly it is implemented, is something totally unnecessary and that you can eliminate to avoid risks if therefore you create it advisable.

He is very simple, you only must add to a filter to the file functions.php of the following form:

to add_filter (˜pre_comment_content™, ˜esc_html™);

This will turn the text so that it will give back it totally flat.

20. To eliminate information puts nonnecessary

WordPress by defect shows information that does not interest to us to share with the others and that are visible through source code of our page.

You will find info to which I talk about in header, for example the version which you are using of WordPress or some that another more unnecessary detail.

It adds this code functions.php and fixed.

remove_action (˜wp_head™, ˜wp_generator™); 
remove_action (˜wp_head™, ˜wlwmanifest_link™); 
remove_action (˜wp_head™, ˜rsd_link™);

21. To eliminate nonessential Feeds RSS

WordPress generates multiple feeds by defect that is not necessary. Simply it adds these lines to hide them.

remove_action (˜wp_head™, ˜feed_links™, 2); 
remove_action (˜wp_head™, ˜feed_links_extra™, 3);

22. To limit revisions

This one - and the following one is one of the first things that I do before putting content to WordPress. By defect it does not limit the number of revisions that keeps when you are creating an entrance or page, reason why you can be made an idea of the load that can suppose for your data base.

I usually limit it 2 or 3 because she never knows what can happen! Some simply prefer to deactivate it. I leave it to your election, you have the two options here.

it defines (˜WP_POST_REVISIONS™, false); //Deshabilita the revisions
it defines (˜WP_POST_REVISIONS™, 2); //Limits 2 the number of revisions

Ah! You must add it to the file wp-config.php.

23. To change the time interval of autosave

To this referred me in the previous point. Each whichever WordPress guard a revision? The answer is: each very little!

We are going to put a value something more sensible, by defect I create to remember that it is a minute¦ what seems to you if we put three? That yes, in seconds.

it defines (˜AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL™, 180);

24. You knew that WordPress guesses URLs?

How? What you did not know the dowries fortune teller who is spent WordPress?

Test to put a URL very similar under your domain to the one of which it exists and we see if one goes away to 404 or it looks for the existing page to you. So that you understand to me, an example:

If I did not have deshabilitada the magic of WordPress, if you put in your navigator œhttps://www.wewokc.net/como-crear, instead of to give back an error 404 - redirigir­a to œhttps://www.wewokc.net/como-crear-contenido does not exist that page as you so.

If you want that it stops doing it, here you have the function that will avoid it.

to add_filter (˜redirect_canonical™, ˜stop_guessing™); function stop_guessing ($url) \ {if (is_404 ()) \ {return false; } return $url; }

25. Acquittal the bar of tools in your page (optional)

This is something totally personal. Before a filter was used to clearing the bar of admin by defect for all the users adding, now no. In any case, I let to you how do it.

to add_filter (˜to show_admin_bar™, ˜__return_false™);

We are only saying to him to WordPress that gives back false for the function that shows the bar of tools, so that it does not show it. This only affects to the bar that appears while we visualized our Web, will not hide it in the administration panel.

By the way, this option can also be deshabilitar from the user profile 😉

26. To deactivate Publisher of Files of WordPress

One of the security aspects that I will try in another more detailed article next to others.

Sometimes you have used the publisher of files who brings WordPress in dashboard? Good, sincerely I sometimes yes, but few. This publisher allows you to modify any file of plugins and themes, so he is highly dangerous to have qualified it in case somebody enters without our permission the administration panel.

Since rarely you are going it to use and that a simple put bad coma can knock down the Web to you¦ we go to deshabilitarlo, it seems to you well?

it defines (˜DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT™, true);

In wp-config.php, of course! That easy.

27. It hides the errors of login, you do not want to give tracks

The last one of security that I will touch in this article. Really, if it interests to you subscribes you to the blog because soon I will make an article on security for WordPress that is very recommended to follow.

With some simple steps you will save many possible misfortunes. We go with another one of them¦

Sometimes you have tried to do login and you have been mistaken?

Good, it gives tracks generally you on if you are putting a user who does not exist or the password is not correct. This is bad, it is worth? Whatever less tracks, better. We are going to show a generic message that I use in all Webs.

Dej©moslo in a simple œOoooops! œ.

function login_error_message () \ { 
  return ˜Ooooops! ™; 
} to add_filter (˜login_errors™, ˜login_error_message™);

28. It increases the time that WordPress remembers you

And we arrived at the last adjustment that, although is not necessary, can be to you useful. What seems to you if we extended the duration of the cookie so that WordPress does not forget us so soon?

We put a time of a month in ours functions.php:

to add_filter (˜auth_cookie_expiration™, ˜remember_me_1_month™); 
function remember_me_1_month ($expire) \ { 
  return 2678400; //1 month in seconds}

Good, with this we will be able to have a WordPress something more insurance, optimized practitioner and in a few steps. It really has been more time to write all this than to put it in practice, so you do not have excuse to begin to take to end the points that you have slopes 😉

If you want to improve the security of your blog in WordPress I advise to you to happen to you through this article in which I deepen more envelope it.

I hope that it is to you of utility now or in the future. You can unload this guide in pdf so that he is more comfortable to you to throw a look to him at any other moment¦ or so you want. I only request you that you subscribe to the blog to be able to unload it! In addition, if you create it opportune, you can share it in Twitter or any other social network.

I wait for your commentary with any question, suggestion or rectification.
You would add some other point to this guide? You he has been useful?

Subscribe you to the blog and I will send eBook to you with the more important adjustments for WordPress. Free!


  • Edu it says:

    Are very good advice Carlos.

    I comment to you that you have a pair of connections that give back 404 in Monarch and easy social share buttons (this b³rralo of the commentary when you publish it) 😉

    A doubt that I want to raise to you, you say that he is recommendable to hide the publisher of dashboard but only with the administrator profile he is qualified, so to accede to dashboard and to modify it would have to enter as admin, if it obtained an access as publisher or subscriber would be hidden.

    Ground to realise the changes of php or css by means of FTP being used brackets, but sometimes by comfort (or laziness) I realise them directly from the publisher. Then he is dangerous to do it?


    • Wewokc he says:

      Hello Edu!

      The one of the failures is because right now I am changing framework and it has remained me something pending who I have not changed in the premises. Thanks to also warn ðŸ˜

      As far as the one to deactivate the publisher, he is recommendable to avoid mainly that any person who enters can touch the code. Ten in account that if they are able to enter by brute force your dashboard most probable is than is with the account of admin.

      On the other hand, some of my clients have preferred to maintain the administrator account instead of to use another one with less privileges and œto touch they have ended up putting in the publisher without knowing what they did and¦ you can be imagined. For that reason if they do not have it he is better 😉

      If you control you must not have problems but he is a little friendly publisher. If it is for something simple good, if it better it is not than you go to Brackets!

      A greeting and thanks to comment!

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