Here you are right 6 to consider a change of corporative image

Ask to you if you need a change image

When we were not face to face with our potential clients the image who perceive speech by itself. The first impression is unique, so the importance of showing to us as we would do falls totally to our corporative image. But this image must evolve in syntony with the company, or due to its growth, competition or diversification of products/services, reason why you must be asked if you need a change corporative image.

Many reasons for this type exist that can suggest a change to us, but also we will find reasons to take to end a change of corporative image when we have not done it well from the home. It is the image that you are giving the suitable one? She is suitable to the times that run? Here you have a listing of reasons and questions that can help you to leave doubts.

1. Little professional image

Many small companies commit the error of not dedicating to sufficient effort or resources to the development of their image. The image that we give must be professional, elegant, attractive and that transmits confidence, something difficult to obtain when it is not left in experience hands. The logo of a company must represent who we are, what we mainly make and be able to be made it remember to the public.

2. Old and little attractive image

The times change, the fashions and the tastes are totally different. What ten years ago it was valid nowadays does not provide the same results. The image must be revitalized, adapted in the style of our market and to give the sensation of which we evolved. It is important to find out what leaves from our logo to retain and which to change, or if simply we need a new concept image.

3. You are behind the competition

To be a passage in front of the competition is vital so that the public decides to work with you. A logo able to communicate and more visual can influence in the clients at the time of choosing to you. To spend time to him to the study of the image against the competition is necessary if we want to be ahead. If your competitors seem professional much more, it will not be a surprise who decide to go to them.

4. Technically problematic logo

Sometimes, or by the passage of the years or any other reason, logos exist that are not adapted technically to the present time. This means that problems can arise - or simply to increase the costs at the time of reproducing them in all the means: social networks, smartphones, email or simply in paper.

5. Evolution of the company

The growth of the company, the acquisition of others or the diversification of products and services can be the suitable opportunity to even review our image or a new name. Your image must transmit this change and be made it arrive at the hearing.

6. You need a change or a new home

Perhaps the reason that less we would like to suffer. Possibly our company has undergone a crisis when to have seen affected by legal problems or we have transmitted a bad image to the consumers. In these cases most sensible it is to begin of zero with a new identity, since to recover the lost confidence it could much more be expensive.

It is possible that you have identified some of these problems in the image of your company. In that case, from we offer the solution to you to resolve it. If we are before the case of a company of new creation and you want to be safe to secure an suitable image, you do not doubt in consulting to us, we guaranteed a service to you that will fulfill your expectations.

If on the contrary your company has not fallen in any of these errors, it is hour to ask to you if your presence in Internet is the suitable one.

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