The 7 definitive reasons that they will make you renew your webpage

Reasons to give a washing him facing your webpage

Studies exist in which it demonstrates that the first impression with respect to your business is similar to the one of your webpage. To put it another way, to maintain updated it to the times that run must be within your interests if you want to be as a company ten.

Sometimes it is necessary to start off of zero constructing a new Web, in others just by some adjustments can be sufficient. Here we left a listing you of reasons to renew your webpage.

1. It is not adapted to movable devices

In practically two years the visits received from movable devices (telephones or tablets) have grown from near a 20% to more of 45%. If your webpage is not responsive, if it is not adapted to these technologies, means that one of each two possible clients will not make businesses with you.

2. You cannot update his content

The content of the Web is the reason of the visits, to show a present content and useful for the users it is the method that it will attract your clients. Nowadays the system of update of content has become something very simple. From a very simple Control Panel you will be able to insert publications, to choose how and when to show them, as if a simple text document one was.

3. It is not integrated with the social networks

Facebook, Twitter and other companies have put us very easy to find our possible clients. The social networks help to present us to us, to catch the attention of the consumers and power to show our services to them. Once we entered ourselves in this world is important to integrate our Web with the social networks, so that all our efforts in these platforms are compensated.

4. Your Web is technically obsolete

Standards exist some that there are to fulfill to secure a perfect visualization and that they change constantly of radical form. The techniques more outposts allow to adapt the Web to all the devices but not only that, also improves the times of load and the usability. In addition, the integration of applications and other tools can suppose a necessary change for certain businesses.

5. It is not optimized for the web search engines

The finders are the source of great part of our visits, well positioned your is Web against the competition? The natural positioning is obtained through key words and the use of other tools that understand the portals as Google or Bing. A good code able is indispensable to communicate correctly with these web search engines and, better still, if we combined it with other tools of SEM marketing.

6. The competition is much more attractive

If your presence in Internet is not absolutely attractive or the one of your competitors is better¦ is hour to give a change him. The consumers are able to quickly find multiple companies in Internet that serve very similar. He is for that reason that we must show our better face and be always in front of our competition.

7. Your webpage is not to user friendly

User friendly? Yes, that is to say, that your visitors can have problems at the time of sailing by her, to find the content which they look for¦ and this it is translated in loss of clients. Ponte in its place and analyzes how you would behave being they, also do it with the competition and improves your weaker points.

These are only some of the reasons to renew your webpage by which you would have to consider a change. To secure a Web that satisfies these requirements no longer requires of a as big investment as it could be needed does years. Nowadays CMS exist (Content Management System) that allow to create a webpage of fast and economic form, fulfilling the needs of all business.

If faults in some of these points ponte in touch with us and consults to us, will surprise the easy thing to you that it can be to have a presence in Internet totally renewed. If in addition you want to improve the form in that you expose yourself, finds out to you of how the campaigns of marketing in social networks with this article work.

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