WordPress SEO by Yoast brings improvements in its version 2.0

Since you have been able to read in the webpage of Yoast, one of plugins more used in WordPress was updated yesterday to its version 2.0, and he is not other that WordPress SEO by Yoast. You already know that this plugin next to All in One SEO Pack is of most popular, so we are going to see what brings this update!

WordPress SEO by Yoast is simplified

Although it was not it could seem that the menu was too extensive, reason why in this version 2.0 they have decided to simplify the options grouping them in new sections: advanced and tools.

In the Advanced menu of we will find the bread crumbs breadcrumbs-, I connect permanent and RSS options. If we entered the menu of Tools we will verify that one has grouped here the massive publisher and the options to export and to import.

And does this mean some well-known change? No, simply one has looked for to show a clearer and clean structure for the user, something that always thanks for 😉

Improvement of yield

Joost makes reference to an improvement of the speed in the administration menu, although it notices it as a change for the Premium version of plugin. Even so it will be necessary to throw a look to him to the code, since certainly it brings changes that considerably improve it in both versions!

Yoast includes Google Knowledge Graph

For a long time Google has been investing to time and effort in Google Knowledge Graph Graphical of knowledge for us, and certainly you know than I speak although you do not create it.

When beams a search tries to beforehand offer related information to you and so you are looking for, reason why if you look for a city, an author, a musician¦ will show data to you that can be to you interesting next to the results search. But in addition, this works with companies and people, reason why it becomes whom if we want to obtain visibility will be necessary to use.

Plugin gives the possibility of adding the social networks you that you use so that they are visible to the graph, so you do not doubt in doing it at personal level as much as if you have a company. As always, plugin is in charge of everything and you only need to give the pertinent connections him.

* * *

Really, an update that although at first sight could seem simple contributes to an important newness and a right structural change.

Although it would not have to give problems, if you are not safe you can wait for some days without updating to listen to the feedback that receives, although nonafternoons much in doing it. He is plugin with great support and to the minimum problem it would receive a small update, so you can be calm! 😉

If you are of All in One SEO Pack, already you have another reason to prove Yoast!

[*Actualizaci³n] plugin finishes being updated to version 2.0.1 due to an error that affected to some less important users and other problems. As it shelp, great support and fast answer, so it updates without fear! 😉


  • Claudia he says:

    Hello Carlos,
    I have a problem that I do not know as solving.
    I am not expert and I have become a Web with the few (very few) resources that it had.

    When I publish a post, I always consider the title, the denomination, the URL, etc¦ we go everything what appears in œthe General section within the edition of the post. But before always my entrances in green color were put (SEO) but now all they appear to me with the œyellow redondita and it appears to me the following message: In order to update the analysis of the page, it keeps this rough draft or it updates this eyelash again.

    I update, I keep and even I make a post new and there is no way. It is stayed as run aground. All the one of œGeneral in œYES but the SEO follows without appearing green.
    I do not know if I have explained myself well.
    I have already tried to eliminate plugin and to return to install it and follows equal.
    It excuses my so simple language, but it is that I do not understand very well on codes.

    I wait for you can respond to me, because that before my entrances positioned super good and now she really does not appear any in google. And I have not touched anything or I have modified nothing.

    • Wewokc he says:

      Hello Claudia!

      You pillage to me right now of trip in Belgium and I cannot extend much in the answer.

      I advise you that you do not pay too much attention to him to the small ball to the analysis, is something orientative that generally functional badly, and even can be bad to follow its indications strictly!

      If I can help you in something more concrete sends an email to me and I answer to you as soon as it has awhile.

      A greeting and thanks to happen to you!

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