Computer graphics: How to create a password safe and easy to remember (my method)

A time ago I wrote an article exceeds how to improve the security in WordPress and one of the points it made reference to the password. I shelp that it would count the system that I use to create a password strong and easy to remember¦ because the moment has arrived.

As it had been to time looking for the moment for varying the type of content and this article is perfect to show it of a visual form, here I leave computer graphics you that I have done this morning with the technique which I use for few years and which until the moment it has not given problems me.

It avoids that they rob the account to you with a safe password

This method to create a strong password I thought it just after a Chinese gentleman decided to rob the account to me of Skype and to put himself to make hundreds of calls to foreign numbers. I do not know the reason by that it did it, nor it matters to me, but I must be thankful to him that it put 50$ of balance in the account and that when recovering it was it more than half of the money, which later I was useful with pleasure! 🙂

In summary, one is based on creating password generic to use it in secondary services and finally a small variation for more important services as Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. is added Is simple but effective a system that you can make it all the complex that you want without fear to forget the magical word.

Also I want to emphasize and to recommend to you that you change the password once in a while. I do I change to the year, maintaining the same system but varying the two words from which part.

He shares the computer graphics to assure to you that all well-known ones use a safe password! I invite to tell to you through the commentaries what methods you use and how we could improve mine 🙂


  • Jorge he says:

    Fantastic Carlos, thousand thanks!

  • Good method. I will prove it. Thanks.

  • Paul he says:

    Hello Carlos, I have arrived at your blog from the article from ScrapeBox de Javier Marcia in and I have stopped myself in this article.

    also it troubles the subject to me of the security and the subject of the passwords. In my case, thanks to an application, for some years it has been a resolute restlessness. In that sense, I have liked your computer graphics, I keep it to me in pinterest and I will give use him in my blog later.

    The tool that I recommend and use for the creation of passwords, that fulfills the 5 points of your computer graphics is LastPass, I dare to say that already you know it, in any case, I share this article in case you have interest in valuing its use.


    • Wewokc he says:

      He is brilliant Paul. I have read on tools as LastPass and I believe that they can help to improve the security very easily, mainly for those who want to have different passwords without the necessity to remember them.

      Even so, I am in favor to create an own system and as far as possible to make use of the memory; with the amount of facilities that we have nowadays I believe that it will well in the future come to us to exercise it 😛 from time to time

      A greeting!

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