How to create the publication calendar that your Blog needs

He was some ago days planning to me the publications of the month and thought¦ how planned a blog is the rest of the world? I am certainly will be people who throw of normal and current calendar, other that they use some software for planning and other that, simply, improvise on the march.

The one to improvise seems little right me if you try to have a control than beams and, mainly, if you want to take to end some strategy of contents - that you would have, cr©eme-. If some ago days I gave my to you checklist of 28 essential adjustments for WordPress, today I am going to tell you how I manage and I plan my blog in case it could be to you useful or you are home and it seems to you a good way to do it.

Why it isn't good for improvising a calendar?

Although there are hundreds of reasons by which to write on the march is not the suitable thing, doing it of planned form does not suppose not to have a strategy of contents, which becomes a chaotic blog, disorganized and of difficult continuity.

However, if we programmed a series of articles on a certain subject and we distributed them in a period of time we are assuring a related content to us, we will be able to make mention to next articles and to generate an attraction in the reader, being obtained conversions in our system of subscription for example.

I do not want that you misinterpret to me, that you put an order to which you think to do and you know in advance when to write envelope it does not mean that you cannot from time to time improvise an article.

It creates a listing of subjects on which you want to speak

If the one to plan occurs you to regulate or you do not like, the minimum that you would have to do is to somewhere write and to keep a listing from subjects on which you would like to write in the future. Thus you will be able to interrelate them, you will increase the quality of your content and you will make sure to have a mattress of subjects without fear to remain without something exceeds what to speak.

If you do not want to assign dates at least spend a time to him to order them of the form that you would like to publish them. First classify them by categories and later separate them so that something of time exists - and other subjects among them. Perhaps you do not have an suitable schedule to know when you will be able to write and, in that case, is better not to impose a date to you, since the fact of not fulfilling it could cause to you to demotivation or the sensation of not being well doing it.

It always by hand takes with you something where to be able to aim and writes down everything what you pass by the head, certainly it gives ideas you later to create a 10-15 list articles that a continuity allows you. And, if you wake up to you at night in half with an idea, rise to you and you prop up! Those are best 😉

To assign dates will help you to create a routine and to give life to your blog

If you have the luck to have a more or less flexible schedule, that allows you to adapt it to the form that you want, be done a favor and creates a routine to you! In addition to forcing to write and to remove time to you - that sometimes is difficult, you will help the reader that is to say when to wait for a new entrance. And if in addition you associate every day of the week to a thematic one in particular I believe that you will gain many points 😉

If it had to say which is the ideal number of publications would tell you that it depends on many factors: thematic, quality of content, etc. He is not the same to generate 300-400 content words that to write around 1,000, in this second case a smaller regularity is very comprehensible. If we spoke of a blog that is home would pour off to me to write 2-3 weekly articles of quality and some smaller other the week ends for example.

In order to obtain it, to have a planning it will help you more very many than you create. Google Calendar or any other uses that you prefer and distributes the subjects with a minimum of two or three weeks of programming. In the following point I tell my way you, something very visual!

A manager of tasks uses to program your blog

In the last company in that I worked we used several systems GTD and the one that I liked more was without a doubt Asana. If you do not know it throws a look to him, one is a manager of time and tasks with which it will be very easy to assign priorities, categories and other things to you to consider for a good planning. In addition he is brilliant in the case of working with a team of people, since when it was outside the office it could assign tasks to the equipment from the mobile and of having a control of how the project evolved. But that is another subject 😉

My form to plan publications

In my case, I use a system made up of each and every one of the points that I have described previously, improvisations including!

In the first place I write down in a notebook or in the mobile all subject that I create opportune and comes to me at the top, absolutely everything. When I arrive at house step each and every one of the ideas to a spreadsheet in which some by categories nor order does not exist distinction.

During the last days of the month I spend an afternoon to him to the planning of the blog for the following month. Once I have the compilation of ideas I order them by categories - those that I use in the blog and by relation of content. Once they are ordinates by thematic I only must assign them to the calendar so that it squares with a certain order.

For example, Mondays could dedicate them to entrances based on WordPress, Wednesday on Marketing Online and Friday on SEO. The weekend I leave it for an unexpected or different article; I can follow you rule that I told you previously to write without knowing envelope what, although I assure to you that with the list of subjects that I have rarely aimed happens 😉

The certain thing is that not itself a so rigid planning, I prefer to vary from time to time, so you do not wait for a SEO entrance Fridays. In my case I write more on WordPress, although attempt that the thematic one is different throughout the week. This I make sure at the time of assigning to dates to future publications, something easy to visualize in Asana since to each category I assign a color to him and I can see how it is the complete month.

This in the short term you empty of ideas will help you to create series of articles, to be able to make references to next publications and, mainly, not to have left. If your list of pending subjects 7-10 loss we can speak of than a more probable future crisis, although always you will be able to do time with some cyclical contents as the monthly analyses 😉 It points everything!

In summary¦

I recommend to you to plan your publications as far as possible, if it is with dates far better and if in addition you use a manager of time as Asana that you can take it in your mobile or tablet, brilliant!

If you think that this can be to him useful to somebody you do not doubt in sharing it! Now it is called on to send to you a question to me and it would be thankful that you spent a minute responding: What system you use to plan your blog? Unexpected or you use some manager of time? I wait for your opinion and suggestions!

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