How blog has affected Genesis Framework

Since I shelp some ago days I have changed framework that used in the blog and, although has not had anything to do with the blow of oar of Google that is approached, I am sure that it will benefit to me in the future.

The reasons are several for to have made this change but the main one is the curiosity that it had to see if the improvement of yield of which really noticed everybody speech on Genesis. Then, yes, note and I am going away to show how it has improved the time of load of the blog. But first I want to speak to you than fodder on the great majority of templates.

What you will find in any framework premium

It is necessary to say that before it used a heavy subject, with a pile of plugins unnecessary and other so many which it wanted to do without. We say that he was the typical one warms up to you of themeforest that enters by the view and it puts the very easy things to you. Nevertheless, these groups have many you beat that they can produce complications in the future.

Normally one is templates that uses an incredible amount of plugins, for everything have plugin. I have already shelp more in one go than whatever to you less good, so you can do an idea to you.

They come accompanied from a full panel of options that allow to practically change everything you. It sounds well, hey? Then this supposes a load of the data base that, in the long run, can be very problematic. Not to mention some queries that I have been in templates of this type, which they would scare until the very same Deep Thought de Douglas Adams.

The strength of these groups is the aspect, a taken care of design, elegant, minimalist¦ following which you choose. The negative part is that the personalisation is based however of colors, two or three layouts that impose to you little and more, although is something that would have to be sufficient.

You will know good - or the bad thing that it is a group by its documentation. Warm up documented to you is warms up to you worked, studied and done with knowledge. Normally these groups have defined hooks that create advisable, allowing to modify or to add you what you want without problems. In the majority of themes¦ we say that they do not give the importance him that deserves.

And why I tell all this you? Because I want that you understand the difference that framework is between any premium and the one of StudioPress. But before entering to value the same aspects of these groups¦

Why he is so fashionable to use Genesis?

Reasons for which it is recommended:

  • It has an enormous community of users, which supposes to be able to find any resolute doubt easily. In any case, always you can go to his own support.
  • He is framework economic and with extended leave of absence. You can use framework in so many Webs as you want, you will only have to pay the initial cost, without added quotas.
  • It is optimized for finders, it has responsive very polished, in addition to a tremendous set of hooks and an exquisite documentation.
  • When oriented being to developer, it has a learning curve that you will have to surpass, but once you are accustomed¦ is another world.
  • And, of course, he is fashionable between influencers (it has a very gluttonous system of affiliates).

And now that I have given some reasons you for which he is fashionable to use them is the moment for analyzing it in the same way that the rest.

When you install it comes accompanied from zero plugins, yes, zero. It is certain that there is a giant community and that you will find all type of them to personalize it, but is totally unnecessary. I have been able to free to me of more than 7 plugins, with the yield improvement that entails!

A robust code and well preparation. A panel of options minimum - expandable to your taste without absurd requests that saturate your data base. Ten.

It uses a minimalist design with a very showy style. One is based totally on Child Themes, although those that you will find are not nothing outside common, ideal for the simple but functional blogs or pages. And under them parent theme on which to work if you want a made design more.

Best framework than I have been as far as documentation. An extensive listing of hooks so that you can personalize whatever you want without problems. Infinite possibilities to create the Web that you want.

For sample a button: improvement of yield in my blog

Before and after changing of framework I tested through Pingdom to verify the time of load and other data of utility. Here you have the result, what seems to you?

As you can see, the change is quite well-known:

  • Page size: -44%
  • You praise Time: -41%
  • Requests: -58%
  • Performance clay: +4%

My opinion on framework of StudioPress

Genesis has surprised to me for good, although it is an alternative that will only work in certain cases. When work with clients the majority looks for to save time and money, they want fast and cheap things. The easiest solution is to find tempers you that adapts to its necessity and to personalize it to its taste to weighing of the disadvantages that I have commented before.

With the Framework de StudioPress the creation of a design of this style can be more expensive although beneficial in the long run. Child theme to that you can choose usually they are quite simple, although does not have limits in the case of wanting to personalize them. Or you can create one you yourself with an own design, since I have done here.

If you want a blog based on Genesis contacts with me

My intention with this article is not to convince you to adore this system, but really you want to have a blog or page with a robust code, updated constantly and with a great endorsement is a very attractive solution. From now on first option will be my to recommend clients, since it works very well with him and the development cost can be much smaller, which implies a lower price.

That yes, if you are not developer or you do not have programming knowledge you need help. But really you want to improve your Web and to equip it with which nowadays is best framework you can contact with me to work in your Web. You do not forget that Google values much the time of load of your page, and Genesis does very well in that aspect.

I, without a doubt, have remained very satisfied with the change. And you, what you think of Genesis? You have worked with him or you use it in your Web?

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