How to add the footbridge of Redsys payment (Sermepa/Servired) to WooCommerce free

It does couple of weeks I was working with a client who needed a simple store online, with reserve of events and sale of some products. Previously already it had a webpage but it wanted a more attractive method of reserve and a renewed image so we put hands to the work with WooCommerce.

Taking advantage of the change credit wanted to introduce means of new payment through debit card/, since until the moment it only had Paypal and the commissions can get to be excessive; if not equivocal me, around 3% by sale. I always recommend to value the possibility of using Stripe but with Paypal, banking transference and card it covered all necessity on the part of the client.

Nevertheless, WooCommerce does not offer a footbridge of payment with card by defect so you will have to add it by means of plugin or addon. There is a great variety and to find them will be easy to you, although practically all supposes an economic payment that we would prefer to save itself. Today I am going to speak to you of two plugins that will give all the compatibility you that you need without being spent nor a Euro.

What I need to receive payments with card in my store online

First that you will ask yourself it is what you need for being able to receive payments online by means of eCommerce and the answer is simple. Options as Paypal exist or Stripe that will allow your clients to pay comfortably, Paypal even offers the possibility to you of receiving payments with card without the necessity that the clients have an account with them. The problem continues being the commissions, a 3% by sale is rather more than you would pay with a Virtual TPV.

And what is a Virtual TPV?

It is a Terminal Point of sale for the electronic commerce that offers the service that you look for, to receive safe payments. You will be able to obtain one going to your bank of confidence, would not have generally to put too many problems to you if you have a minimum relation with them.

The commission of a Virtual TPV is enough more loss, you will find some banks that remain with a percentage of the sale, another will give the service you in exchange for a tariff fixes monthly. So that you become an idea, in the case of Banc Sabadell, unless you negotiate with them, I believe that they have a tariff of 18‚¬ approx monthly If the commission were in percentage would have to go up to around 1% at the most.

A pair of advice at the time of acquiring a Virtual TPV:

  • It tries to always negotiate it in your habitual office
  • Find out the commissions and minimum invoicing very well to you that you must assume

Gratuitous Plugin for footbridge of Redsys payment (Servired or Sermepa)

If it does not matter to you to spend money you will find solutions between 30-80 Euros in plugins that give compatibility to WooCommerce with Redsys. My advice is that you throw a look to plugin WooCommerce Sermepa Gateway Payment that Jesºs ngel has created amiably and put at the disposal of all free.

The installation is very simple, as if any plugin was! Once installed and activated you will see that in the options of payment of WooCommerce (Adjustments - > Finalizar buys) you will have a new Sermepa call.

The bank will send all the documentation to you that you need to form plugin, differentiating some key for the way tests and others for the activated way. More or less the configuration would stay as in the image that attached. It activates the Sandbox way to test and uses these data:

In order to verify operación authorized:

  • Card number: 4548812049400004
  • Lapsing: 12/17
  • Code CVV2: 123
  • Code CIP: 123456

In order to verify operación denied:

  • Card number: 1111111111111111
  • Lapsing: 12/17
You do not forget to deactivate the way sandbox and to change the secret key of Sermepa when you want to receive real payments.

Once you have it formed correctly you can deactivate the way of tests calmly and begin to work 😉

Gratuitous Plugin for footbridge of Pasat payment 4B

In the same way plugin specific for clients exists who use footbridge PASAT 4B. I create to have understood that this footbridge megred with Redsys, perhaps reason why the new clients must make use of plugin previous. If somebody can throw something of light on this subject can do it through the commentaries! 😉

By the others, the configuration must be similar.

* * *

These plugins will help you to be able to receive payments by card through WooCommerce of a very simple form at the same time as you save a money. From I want here to be thankful for to Jesºs ngel the effort to send these plugins free!

It has served the information to You? I would like to read your experience acquiring a Virtual TPV if you have had it 😉 If you have doubts on the operation or you want to contribute something more leaves a commentary!


  • Alex he says:

    At the moment plugin Redsys de Jesºs ngel does not work:

    With version of WordPress 4,5 completes it and Woocommerce 2,5, plugin does not appear in the eyelash œTo finalize Purchase as payment footbridge.

    Route: Woocommerce > Ajustes > Finalizar buys

    • Wewokc he says:

      Thanks for the Alex note.

      I will throw an eye to him, although I have to say that in the last stores online that I have developed no longer I have used it. From the change to SHA-256 use plugin official of Redsys, that you can find in his own page:

      A greeting and thanks to happen to you!

      PS: Pardon to have out of date the article, much work and just a short time 🙁

      • You win it says:

        Hello Carlos,

        I also use plugin official of Redsys and have a problem with the translation. I have tried to translate with ˜Translate Crazy person™ and q-translate-x but has not worked, but I have texts translated of many others plugins but with the Redsys it has not worked. Some idea because are not to me the languages?

        • Wewokc he says:

          Hello You win,

          The truth is that I have never had problems to translate plugin of Redsys. Before it used qtranslate but it arrived a little while in which I took control of a WPML license and I have not returned to touch to another one plugin of translation for WordPress.

          It sounds to me that plugin of Redsys uses textdomain of woocommerce. WPML puts it to you very easy because plugins scans all and finds the chains to translate. Nowadays I do not know how it is the subject in qtranslate. Perhaps you would have to add the chains to the PO file of woocommerce to be able to translate them.

          If you want to know more on textdomain throws a look to this:

          I hope that it serves to you as something! A greeting!

      • Ric it says:

        I tried the woocommerce plugin on the redsys site and upon activation it freezes wp.

        Which is the correct plugin?

        • inbuu_calfaro it says:

          Hello Ric,

          I have tried both of them and they should work fine. Maybe there's some compatibility issue with any plugin or theme in your site. Try disabling all the plugins and activating one by one under you dog check if that's the problem.

          I hope it works!

  • empa it says:

    good info, already I could form plugin and everything works perfectly. 10 by the data!

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