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A style button improves the visual publisher of WordPress adding

You are of that when they write an entrance in your blog uses customized classes to give format to the text? Do you have left short the bellboys of TinyMCE and you need more?

In this tutorial I am going to explain you of very simple form how to add classes to visual publisher TinyMCE, defined in a style sheet CSS.

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How to create a Child Theme for WordPress

Probably sometimes you have secured (of the way that is) a group for Wordpress that included a secondary subject and you did not know what was. It is not a recommendation, practically is forced his use if you want to avoid future problems to you.

As of today you will know what is, why is used and why the use of Child Themes for Wordpress is necessary.

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Here you are right 6 to consider a change of corporative image

It is the image that you are giving the suitable one? She is suitable to the times that run? They are questions that any company must consider once in a while to evolve to the suitable rate.

Here you have a listing of reasons and questions that can help you to leave doubts.

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