28 October, 2017

Policy of privacy

Terms and Conditions of the webpage wewokc.net
Thanks to visit this webpage. Please, it reads the Terms kindly and Conditions contained in this document, since whenever it is used this webpage the Terms and Conditions are being accepted that are exposed here.

Political of Privacy of the webpage
Any material or personal data sent to the webpage wewokc.net is protected by the policy of privacy of the company and by the protection of personal data of the same.

Exactitude, complete character and punctuality of the information
Although we used all the means to our reach to assure the exactitude and the complete character of the information contained in this webpage, we did not assume responsibility some in case the information that is available in the same is not exact or completes.

Any material or nonpersonal communication that transmits to this webpage by e-mail or any other means, including data, questions, commentaries, suggestions or similars, is and will be dealed with as nonconfidential and without rights propiedad.s

Right of intellectual property
All the rights of author and other referring rights of intellectual property to texts, images, logo and materials generally contained in this webpage are property of wewokc.net or have been including with the authorization of their corresponding proprietor.

It can sail by this webpage, reproduce extracts by means of impression and realise unloadings to a hard disk or for the purposes of distribution to other natural people. All this can only be realised under the condition for maintaining intact all the notes regarding rights of author and to the property of the page and that the shown mention previously name brand registered appears in such reproductions. Some of this webpage with aims of commercial profit is not due to sell or to distribute to any reproduction of part.

One is not due to interpret, in any case, that some of the contents of this webpage can mean the concession of some authorization or right to use some of the incorporated commercial brands in the page. The use or the abuse of the trademarks shown as much in this webpage as in any other content of the same, except for anticipated in these Terms and Conditions, is strictly prohibited. Also, we noticed that wewokc.net will defend its rights of intellectual property with the maximum rigor that allows the law.

Connections with other webpages
The existing connections in the webpage wewokc.net can take outside the network and systems to him of the company. In that case, wewokc.net will not accept any responsibility in relation to the content, exactitude and operation of the webpages of third people. The connections are provided of good faith and wewokc.net cannot be responsible by the modifications that later take place in webpages of third parties for which we provided a connection. The inclusion of a connection to connect itself with other webpages does not imply assumption of responsibilities in relation to those pages on the part of wewokc.net. We recommended to him warmly that it is informed and that reads legal notes kindly and of privacy of all the webpages that visits.

Guarantees and exemptions of responsibility
The use of this webpage is exclusively of its account and risk.

This webpage is offered œwhen it is possible and œso what is and, therefore, wewokc.net does not give guarantees of any type, or are explicit, implicit, legal or of another type (even the implied warranties of saleability or satisfaction of the adjustment and quality level to a particular intention), including guarantees or commitments in relation to which the material of this webpage will be complete, exact, trustworthy, bring up to date, respectful with the rights of third parties, that the access to this webpage will not undergo interruptions, do not present errors and are exempt of virus, that this webpage will be safe and that any opinion or advice obtained through this webpage will be exact or trustworthy, by which is indicated specifically that any commitment or guarantee will not be assumed on the enumerated aspects.

As much wewokc.net as any third party implied in the creation, production or distribution of this webpage in our name will not have any type of responsibility, in any case, by direct, fortuitous, consecutive, indirect, special or punitive damages nor by costs, losses or responsibilities, whatever the form in which they are derived from its access, use or incapacity of use, of the change in the content of this webpage, of any other webpage to which it acceded by means of a connection provided in this page or of the maximum amplitude allowed by the applicable legislation, motivated by any measurement that we took or stopped taking as a result of some message that it was sent to us by e-mail.

As much wewokc.net as any third party implied in the creation, production or distribution of this webpage will not have any derived responsibility to maintain the material and the services that is available in this page or to realise corrections, updates or eliminations of the same. Any material contained in this webpage is subject to changes without previous warning.

wewokc.net will not have any type of responsibility, in any case, by any damage suffered as a result of some virus that can have infected its computer or other equipment of its property because of the access, use or unloadings of any material of this webpage. If it chooses to unload material from this webpage, that action is realised by its exclusive account and risk.

With the maximum amplitude allowed by the applicable legislation, it declares specifically to resign to carry out any claim against wewokc.net and its people in charge, directors, employees, suppliers and programmers who can be derived from their use or access to this webpage.

Prohibited activities
It is prohibited to realise any act that, according to wewokc.net, can be considered unsuitable and/or be gotten to consider themselves as an illegal act or that is prohibited in agreement with the legislation applicable to this webpage, including, without limiting character, the following:

  • Any act that would constitute a breach of the privacy (including transferences to the webpage of information deprived without the authorization of the affected person) or of any other of the legal rights of the natural people.
  • To use this webpage to defame or to slander to wewokc.net or other natural people, or to act in such a way that of the people is discredited good reputation.
  • To transfer to the webpage archives that contain virus that can cause damages to the property of wewokc.net or to the property of natural people.
  • To place or to transmit to this webpage any nonauthorized material, including, without limiting character, material that probably it causes, in opinion ours, annoyances or damages, or, violating the systems or the security of the network of wewokc.net or third people, material that is slanderous, racist, obscene, threatening, of pornographic content or that presents any form of illegality generally.

Legal note update
We reserved the right to realise changes and corrections in this note. Please, it consults this page from time to time to review these and new additional information.

Policy of protection of data

For the purposes of the had thing in Statutory law 15/99 of 13 December of Protection of Personal Character data, wewokc.net informs to the client who the personal data that it at any time facilitates to wewokc.net, will be including in an automated file of maintained personal character data under the responsibility of wewokc.net.

The purpose of the file is the management of its users, the obtaining of statistics and the shipment on the part of wewokc.net of publicity and information in relation to served, or served by third parties and that are related to the activity.

All the proportionate information will be dealt with strictly confidential character to all the effects. wewokc.net is committed not to communicate it, nor to yield it to third people.

It will be able to exercise at any time and free of charge the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition sending to us its request accompanied by photocopies of its national identity document to [email protected]

Policy of cookies

What is a cookie?
The cookies are files that unload in the terminal (computer/smartphone/tablet) of the user when acceding to certain webpages and that are stored in the memory of the same. The cookies, among other things, allow to store and to recover information on the habits of navigation of a user or of their equipment, to see what pages are visited, the connect time, to analyze the operation of a page, if technical problems, etc. Following the information that contain and the form exist in which the terminal is used, can be used to recognize the user.

What types of cookies exist?
Several types of cookies based on different criteria exist:
Based on the ownership:

  • Cookies own: They are those that belong to wewokc.net.
  • Cookies of third parties: Those are whose ownership is of a third party, different from wewokc.net, that will be the one who treats the successfully obtained information.

Based on its purpose:

  • Cookies technical and/or of personalisation: They are those that serve to improve the service, to locate incidences, to recognize the user, etc.
  • Cookies of analysis and/or publicity: They are those that serve to analyze information on navigation and to offer publicity, is generic or customized.

Why it serves a cookie?
The cookies are used for being able to offer customized services and/or publicity, to analyze the operation of the system, to recognize when it is acceded as user, to locate to incidences and problems that can arise and resolve them in the smaller possible term, as well as to analyze and to measure the use and activity of the webpage.

Needed my is consent to implant a cookie?
The consent for the installation does not need technical cookies or those that are strictly necessary for the benefit of a service of the society of the information specifically asked for by the adressee.
For the rest, yes one specifies the consent of the interested one that it is possible to be solicitd by different routes. In the case of wewokc.net, it will be understood granted if it is continued using the webpage, still with the possibility that at any time it will be able to revoke it and to deactivate the cookies.

What cookies use wewokc.net at the moment?
Following the directives of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data we come to detail the use of cookies that makes this Web with the purpose of to inform to the user with the maximum possible exactitude.
This website uses the following cookies of third parties:

  • Google Analytics: It stores cookies to be able to make statistical on the traffic and volume of visits of this Web. The user, when using this website, is allowing the information treatment about the same by Google. Therefore, the exercise of any right in this sense will have to do communicating directly it with Google. On the other hand, if the user does not wish to be tracked by Google Analytics through all the webpages, he must go to the following link.

How I can deactivate the cookies?
The majority of the navigators indicates how to form their navigator so that cookies are not accepted, so that it is notified whenever a new cookie is received, as well as to deactivate them completely. The user, to control what use wants that it becomes of his information, can form the navigator of his terminal in the form that he considers more advisable.
In any case, we make notice that if the technical cookies and/or of operation are deactivated, the quality of the webpage can fall or perhaps it costs more to identify to him.
We indicate the following connections, where the user will be able to find more information on the different navigators: