Google will penalize to you if your Web is not optimized for mobiles

These last days I have skipped the programming of my calendar by several reasons that do not come to the case, so I have been useful to change theme of the Web and to adapt with dedicated server ip to the Framework Genesis. I have created my own one warms up to you - already I taught to you how to create a Child Theme-, adapting the design that used in the previous one and the result has been very good, gaining in speed and optimization, in addition to being able to do without many plugins useless. But this I will tell you in an entrance in depth because it deserves it.

Lately you will have listened to the news that circulates around all the network: Google has put date so that the Webs that are not responsive adapt if they do not want to be penalized. Although he is not something new, since it has been long time recommending to do it, which draws attention is that it puts date to the subject as if an ultimatum was.

If all this sounds to you to Chinese first that you need to know is what is responsive.

What is a design responsive?

A webpage responsive is that one that is constructed so that all their content perfectly adapts all type of devices: texts, images, structure¦ When we visited a Web from a computer is the complete version and if we do it from a mobile or tablet we will see how it is reduced or it fit to the resolution of the device without losing information.

Nevertheless, more reasons exist to adapt to the new technologies and the computer science giant wants that you do it. The volume of searches from movable aparatatos is growing exponentially in the last years thanks to smartphones and Google does not want that their users end up entering a Web who will not be able to visualize correctly. So, if you do not want that your positioning in the SERP is affected already you know what there are to do before the 21 of April of 2015.

How to know if your Web is optimized for mobiles

Here you have two tools that will help you to verify if your Web fulfills or not with this requirement. One of them belongs to Webmaster Tools, a tool who you would have to know 😉 perfectly the other, will help you to visualize your webpage in different devices.

If you are able to see an image as the following one, you can be calm. If still you are thinking it to you, I am going to give a pair to you of reasons so that you are convinced.

Why you would have to adapt your Web to an adapted design

  1. Google recommends it, and what says it goes to mass
  2. To have an only adapted version of our Web will avoid duplicated contents and will support all type of devices
  3. Better experience for the user, since the design adapts to the size of its screen
  4. Increase of conversions (sales or any type of objective)
  5. Improvement in the results search
  6. Smaller rate by ricochet: when being optimized the users they will not leave running

These are some points that you could value to end up adapting your page to this type of designs. Much people confuse a design responsive with a Web adapted for mobiles; whereas first one adapts any type of œlive device, the second is a version different from our Web from which redirigimos the movable traffic.

My Web is not responsive, what I do?

If you have not happened the test that I have left you in the previous connection you have two options: you be not worried and you accept the penalty that imposes - it will affect to your results, this does not mean that you disappear of them or you adapt to the times that run turning your Web into mobile friendly.

The advisable thing, of course, is that your page takes well with Google and the users. After all, as what it serves to you if one does not visualize correctly? In addition, sooner or later you will have to do it¦ you do not become remol³n and invests in your image cybernetics.

If finally you decide to renew your Web or blog we can work together in it and reach the best solution. You can write to me through the contact section! For any type of doubt or suggestion I wait for you in the commentaries, and we can give you deal for 30% off ssd vps hosting for better web perfomance.

And now it tell me, you are in agreement with the decision of Google? You think that we will notice a drastic change in the results search?

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