3 tools that will help you to optimize your webpage

If you have a webpage or blog you would have to give importance him to the optimization for several reasons. First of her by the experience that offers to your readers, since it will condition the one to a great extent that spends time in your Web more or less. Second, and the same of important, because Google wants Webs optimized with a fast answer, and it will award it at the time of positioning your page in its results search.

In order to verify that your page or blog sufficiently is adapted to these requirements you can use a pair of tools that will guide to obtain you it, indicating the errors to you and how to solve them.

PageSpeed Insights

It is a tool of Google that allows you to analyze the content of your page being helped you to improve the speed of load by means of a series of suggestions that will show when finishing the analysis to you. One of the key points is the differentiation between optimization for mobiles and computers that do, very interesting.

The score (0-100) comes determined by a series from factors that studies in the own Web: servant, code of the page, images, etc. In the results you will see classified under three colors all the aspects. You will have to center to you in correcting those that accompany to the icon in red, since they are those that, generally, cause problems in the yield.

Those that you see in yellow do not have to worry to you, although if you have time and desire you can correct them to get to have a perfect Web! 🙂

Test of speed of Pingdom

Pingdom allows you to prove the speed of load from different locations, being given you an approach in comparison with the rest of Webs that have passed the test exceeds how of fast she is yours.

The truth is that it is a simple but very powerful tool. It helps you to identify what starts off is fast and which is making a neck of bottle at the time of visualizing it, it recommends to you to improve some aspects and it even details to you perfectly showing them to you the heavy archives.

The performance clay comes determined by all this analysis based on very many factors that it considers. Logically, whichever major is better. Once analyzed you will be able to see the time of load of each type of files, the number of requests to the servant, the errors of connection that exist, etc. a fast but very effective test that can help developer and webmasters.

Another one of the aspects that I more like of this tool is the trackeo that offers for being able to constantly monitor the response time of your servant, and the file of tests!

You do a complete analysis of your Web with WebPageTest

If it exists a tool that shows the operation of your retail webpage is this one. It will show a series to you of results very defined, will evaluate each section and it will tell you where it is the problem.

Time will begin with to First Byte (TTFB), that is the response time of the servant, and later will happen to analyze the state of the connections, the compression of files, it breaks it finally and the CDN use.

If you find a F or a red picture you will have something of which to worry. If on the contrary they are everything To or B you can be calm, you have an optimized Web! The form to improve the easiest yield is through the compression of the files CSS, JS and images, although you will have to try to optimize other factors.

The selection of warms up to you heavy and the use of plugins can help to obtain terrible results, so they ten well-taken care of with this. Throw a look to him to the details of the analysis and try to correct each section little by little. They exist plugins as Total W3 Breaks that they will help you to do it of very easy form and will improve the score enormously! 😉

As far as the CDN, it will depend on if you use it or no. In the great majority of blogs or pages its use is not necessary, although if you think that you can need it you can try free with Amazon or CloudFlare.

It verifies your score in WebPageTest and shows the results to us through the commentaries

* * *

Like when I spoke to you on the steps to follow to have a blog more surely, you must take care of your Web but without arriving at the point to obsess to you! It secures some good results and it tries to be improving 🙂 little by little

Ten in account that not only is question to optimize the code of your Web or the heavy images, exists other factors as a good Web server and a correct configuration of the same. I recommend to you to flee from suppliers as 1and1 and to choose some that, really, worry to offer a good service: Raiola Networks, Webempresa, Hostgator¦ or if you have experience in administration of servers you can decide as I on DigitalOcean, quality in the cloud!

Another one of the fundamental factors speaking of WordPress is the use of good framework. A look throws to how I was able to reduce to the time of load a 50% migrating Genesis Framework. You can do it or, if you prefer it, also have me to develop to your blog or webpage 😉

You do not doubt in sharing the results of your analyses with me and the rest of readers through the commentaries. And, if you need any help, I wait for your question!

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