WordPress.com or WordPress.org: Comparative the definitive one

One of the most frequent questions when you are new in this world is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. You do not lose more and takes care of the explanation!

If you have arrived up to here probably treats because very you are not put in the WordPress world (still), so I will try to explain of the simplest form the differences between more important WordPress.org and WordPress.com, trying than you do not lose yourself by the way.

It is a frequent question that considers everybody that wants to begin and it does not know by where to begin: But, WordPress.org, WordPress.com¦ he isn't the same?

We are going to compare them, to analyze each and to draw conclusions on which he is righter to use in each case. The main differences are based on the economic cost, the limitations, the cost of development or configuration and the maintenance.

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is the manager of contents (CMS in English, Content Management System) more used well-known and, near 25% of pages Webs in Internet. It is a free software that are at the disposal of any person or company, with a great documentation and community of users who put to your reach an immense amount of resources.

In order to use you will only need it a servant where to lodge it, with that you will have the total control of your blog or webpage.

What is WordPress.com?

On the other hand, WordPress.com is a service offered by Automattic, company founded by the creator of WordPress.org Matt Mullenweg.

This service is gratuitous and it allows you to create and an easily fast website, without the necessity to contract hosting or domain and to worry to you about the installation. You will only have to register, to add to a name your blog to you and to begin to work in him.

Nevertheless, limitations with respect to the installable version exist not for that reason worse that do it much more simple, although. In any case, you can improve the service paying by a premium version in which the limitations fall.

Comparison between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Now that we know to distinguish between the two versions to create our webpage we compare the one benefits and other to know which adapts to which we needed.

Economic cost

In order to analyze the cost that supposes both we are going to put us in the situation which in both cases we want to enjoy a webpage own domain. If not outside the case and does not matter to us to work with a subdomain of the tupagina.wordpress.com type, without any added improvement, the gratuitous version will give a service us than acceptable more to a price cheap.

Nevertheless, if we want to compare a version with another one we will have to do it with the premium plan (99‚¬), including the redireccionamiento of domain, which would suppose a payment of a little more 110‚¬ annual. Among others improvements, the absence of publicity, 13GB of space to store to contents and the possibility is included of publishing CSS of the groups that we use. In the case of wanting to add some premium group we will be able to do it from 19‚¬ to more of 100‚¬.

One is an annual quota with a series of important limitations, with a good servant but very limited at the time of designing your own Web.

On the other hand, if we also decided on WordPress.org we must disburse a small amount. We see!

To contract hosting nowadays is cheaper than many they think, as long as you do not try to lodge a Web with thousands of daily visits. A servant in conditions can even cost to you around 5‚¬ monthly, less if you think that he will not have too much traffic, although we know that he will not be thus! The price of the domain, following the type who is, will oscillate between the 6 and 10‚¬ for .es, .com or .net; a little for special domains will raise more.

Once we have these two services we will only have to install WordPress and to begin to form it, something that in the majority of hostings takes control at the moment of a single click. This way we will have total access in our webpage and will be able to make all modification that us pass by the head, without limitation some. Also we will have the option to buy groups premium that many developers put to our reach, normally to a price around 40‚¬-60‚¬.

In summary, if what you look for it is a blog with which to amuse themselves or to enter themselves in the world to probably blogger will be enough to you with the gratuitous service. But what you want is to personalize your webpage, to have more control, or at least, less limitations, the global cost of WordPress.org is smaller and it will give a series you of enormous advantages. You will have to soil to you plus the hands but it is not thus, why you are here?

Comparing the limitations

Perhaps here is the greater difference between both, is the most important point at the time of inclining you by an option.

WordPress.com offers a limited service to you of quality. You will not be able to install plugins, nor to use other groups that are not those that they sell to you. If you try to mint your page through announcements as Google AdSense either you cannot. And, speaking of Google, you will not have the option either to add Analytics to your Web, something basic to understand if you are making or the things or no.

Nevertheless with WordPress.org you will have total access to your page, to the FTP and data base, reason why you will be able to install all type of plugins, subjects, etc. One of the advantages to use this CMS is the great community of users whom it has behind and the amount of gratuitous resources that exist. In the majority of cases it will not be necessary to happen through box unless you look for something specific.

The limitation will be in your servant only, and generally it does not have to suppose any problem to you. So, if what you look for it is to have the control of your webpage, to make modifications to your ill, to soil the hands to you and to enjoy a good session of programming (if you want)¦ it is only clear which is the best option.

WordPress with me Learns, subscribes to you!


We want to only have a totally customized site or a generic group to which we changed the colors to him? It is clear that less effort will cost, but where it is the identity of each?

WordPress.com puts it to you very easy to form your page, among others things by the little options that you have for it. You register, you choose a group and you create content, that easy. If on the contrary you decide to lodge your own Web you will have to install you yourself the group that you like and to personalize it. The installation is as simple as to raise to a file zip through manager of groups who brings WordPress, nevertheless you will find very many more options to personalize the aspect of the Web. Although it can sound to more work we would have to see it as a greater freedom.

The groups that we can install through our WordPress come with a panel of options that to you the things facilitate, rarely you will need to know a minimum of programming. Many of them include some plugin of Drag&Drop that allows you to create content visually easily (dragging content blocks).

Perhaps if it gives fear you to put you in these messes you look for something simpler and you would have to discard the installable version. If you like to venture to you and to learn day to day, you intention to prove it and to be left you by this Web in which you will find tutorial for all the levels, in addition always you will be able to consult any doubt to me and I will make use as far as possible to you.


WordPress updates day to day, it always brings improvements new and new forms to create content. It is a platform that grows very fast, for that reason is necessary to be as far as updates.

With WordPress.com he is something than you will not have to worry to you, have an equipment behind that takes care of this aspect by you and you will always have everything to the day. Logical, you would not either have a form to do it by same you, although it is thanked for.

Using WordPress in your own servant it supposes a constant maintenance, although it will not clear long time to you. You will only have to be pending of the updates of plugins, subjects and of the same CMS. You are not scared, is something that does not have generally to give any problem you and that takes control of a pair of clicks. If WordPress is where it is not because it is difficult its use.

Nevertheless yes other things exist to consider that you will have to carry out you yourself (or not to do it if you live to the limit), as creating backup copies of your content, managing incidences that you have with your servant, to take care of which the Spam and some hackers are more far possible, etc. Although he is something that also you will be able to leave into the hands of a professional if you create it necessary, but obvious it will be added to the economic cost.

Concluding, you remain with WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

I will always recommend WordPress.org for professional and even personal subjects that go beyond a site where to write as a relief.

I believe that it has been quite clear the use that can be given each, the limitations and the time that it requires to maintain them. If even so you do not know it absolutely clearly, you can begin with WordPress.com and always know how it is the platform on the inside; also, if someday you have left yourself small or you want to be free to do what you want with him you will be able to migrate all your content. It will take something of time and effort but you will not have problem.

In any case, if you need a more complex webpage and not only a blog my advice is to begin to study and to know more thorough WordPress.org, or to contract a professional who takes to end your project. We speak of Webs for companies, stores online, etc.

We go, you have read all this, you are already almost an initiate in WordPress¦ throws desire to him and with a little effort you will see that it is easier than you thought.

Now tell me, which is your opinion of WordPress.com and WordPress.org? You have happened from one to another one through some reason? A commentary tells to me leaving it.

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